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Cell formulas Change when cut and past Tech Support

Cell formulas Change when cut and past

When I cut and paste static data (data with no formula in it), the formulas in adjacent cells change - How can I keep this from happening?

formula for F4:  =IF(ISBLANK(B4),"",IF(ISBLANK(C4),"",IF(ISERR(SUM(1-(SUM(B3:B4))/(SUM(C3:C4)))),"",(SUM(1-(SUM(B3:B4))/(SUM(C3:C4)))))))
formula for F5:  =IF(ISBLANK(B5),"",IF(ISBLANK(C5),"",IF(ISERR(SUM(1-(SUM(B4:B5))/(SUM(C4:C5)))),"",(SUM(1-(SUM(B4:B5))/(SUM(C4:C5)))))))
formula for F6:  =IF(ISBLANK(B6),"",IF(ISBLANK(C6),"",IF(ISERR(SUM(1-(SUM(B5:B6))/(SUM(C5:C6)))),"",(SUM(1-(SUM(B5:B6))/(SUM(C5:C6)))))))
formula for G5:  =IF(ISBLANK(B5),"",IF(ISBLANK(C5),"",IF(ISERR(SUM(1-(SUM(B2:B5))/(SUM(C2:C5)))),"",(SUM(1-(SUM(B2:B5))/(SUM(C2:C5)))))))

When I cut and paste cells B5:C8 to B6:C9 the formulas change from row I cut across and down:

formula for F4:  =IF(ISBLANK(B4),"",IF(ISBLANK(C4),"",IF(ISERR(SUM(1-(SUM(B3:B4))/(SUM(C3:C4)))),"",(SUM(1-(SUM(B3:B4))/(SUM(C3:C4))))))) (does not change)
formula for F5:  =IF(ISBLANK(B6),"",IF(ISBLANK(C6),"",IF(ISERR(SUM(1-(SUM(B4:B6))/(SUM(C4:C6)))),"",(SUM(1-(SUM(B4:B6))/(SUM(C4:C6)))))))
formula for F6:  =IF(ISBLANK(B7),"",IF(ISBLANK(C7),"",IF(ISERR(SUM(1-(SUM(B6:B7))/(SUM(C6:C7)))),"",(SUM(1-(SUM(B6:B7))/(SUM(C6:C7)))))))
formula for G5:  =IF(ISBLANK(B6),"",IF(ISBLANK(C6),"",IF(ISERR(SUM(1-(SUM(B2:B6))/(SUM(C2:C6)))),"",(SUM(1-(SUM(B2:B6))/(SUM(C2:C6)))))))

How do I keep this from happening? This issue really messes the whole worksheet/Workbook off.


Solutions to the Problem Cell formulas Change when cut and past

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